13th January 2023


Our 12.5L rectangular buckets are now back in stock and live to order.  Our next web update will be at the beginning of February and will include our green snoods, gloves and large bivvy pegs.  We are also expecting our 4 pack 227g camping gas back in by mid-February.  


Our plans for 2023 are coming along nicely.  On the Anglo Arms side we have a new range of luggage under production.  This should be with us by early spring.  We also plan to drastically increase our range of swords and knives to offer a full complement of products once again.  (Knives are now unbranded.)  On the angling side we will have Quickfish cradles and a new Mosquito zapper due in February.   But that's just the start. We have plans for many new products including reels, trolleys, bite alarms etc. backed up by a big marketing campaign to really help push sales moving forward.  (Carpology will feature at least one NGT product a month throughout 2023.)





Simplified pricing - We have decided to simplify our pricing structure.  We have now updated our pricing to show a unit price and Bulk price only. We have worked hard to offer the best prices possible so in many instances you will see that prices have fallen.  (Thanks to a fall in shipping prices.) SWL is known for its excellent pricing, and we think this will be as important as ever during 2023.  (The qty needed to achieve our BULK price has also now fallen for most products.)  


Why not visit our showroom?  Our showroom has been revamped and is ready to visit once again.  Almost all of our products on show.  (Baring a few bivvies and brollies.)  To encourage a visit and to see our full range, we are offering a 10% discount to anyone who visits our showroom and places an order who hasn't visited before.  For returning customers we are offering a 5% discount on your first visit of 2023.  (For both offers the discount is for your first visit only.)  We hope to see you soon with tea and coffee also on hand!


January Clearance - We will be updating our Clearance section. This should go live by the end of the day today!  


Many thanks,


Eddy Eliaz, MD


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