10th June 2021


We have just updated the site with a handful of items including pan nets, a new resin spreader block and our AP net pack.  The next web update should be next Friday and include our VX1 and JHA bite alarms.  It remains very difficult to ship containers, but we are doing our best and have a steady flow of items coming in. 


PRICING:  All prices have now been adjusted and we truly hope this will be the last increase this year.  (Prices have had to increase due to increased shipping rates which are up 1000% in six months and increasing prices at source.)


SHIPPING:  This remains in chaos.  Other than the additional cost, the big issue is now stock shortages due to a lack of container space.  We are doing our best to ship out as much as we can, but we currently have a backlog of almost 100 x 40ft HC containers.


Facebook!!!  Sporting Wholesale now has a Facebook page!  I will personally be running this and hope as many of our customers as possible will follow us.  This will be used to highlight new products, special offers and promotions, clearances, and trade issues.  Please click on the link below and then click the 'follow' button.


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Wishing everyone a great weekend


Many thanks -


Eddy Eliaz, MD

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