19th May 2023


The first delivery of our new Anglo Arms shooting luggage is now with us and live!  We have also just updated the site with 4 pack 227g gas, chod rig Box 950, 2.4m telescopic rods, all our bite alarms including the out-of-stock JHA model and new 2+1pc JHA w/less model, snoods, large bivvy pegs, 80lb crossbows (Mantis and OP360) and more!  


We hope that next week's update will include 16" and 6.5" crossbow bolts, our 122 Machete and a new lock knife and fixed blade knife.  That will be followed the week after by 175pc carp terminal tackle sets, Oceancast tripods, 3.6m elasticated pole sets, sea feathers and braid scissors.  


Many thanks,


Eddy Eliaz, MD


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