11th November 2021

The new Sporting Wholesale we site is up and running.  We have had a few teething issues.  Some have been fixed and a few remain to be fixed and will be ASAP.  We know that change takes a little getting used to, but the new site has some excellent new features and a modern new look that I am sure everyone will come to appreciate.


We have almost 100 containers of new and back in stock products in over the next few weeks.   Please keep an eye on the site. The next web update is likely to be next Friday, but reels have already arrived and are now live to order!  Shipping remains challenging and expensive, but there are some signs that this is beginning to stabilise and even fall. 


Facebook!!!  Sporting Wholesale now has a Facebook page!  I will personally be running this and hope as many of our customers as possible will follow us.  This will be used to highlight new products, special offers and promotions, clearances, and trade issues.  Please click on the link below and then click the 'follow' button.


Follow us on Facebook


Wishing everyone a great week


Many thanks -


Eddy Eliaz, MD


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