30th September 2022



On Friday 30th September the site will be updated with back in stock knives.  The next web update after that will be mid to late October and will include a NEW drinks holder (holds any drink, connects to beds or chairs,) a NEW Domed XL Bivvy, a NEW Crimp tool set, sea feathers, Storm pole 380 and 3 pack Hooksafe systems. Towards the end of October / beginning of November we will also have two more containers of knives and swords which will include many new and back in stock products. (We have some wonderful new hand-made swords designed by us in-house!)


Politics and Economics 

As everyone will have seen, the current economic and political climate is quite fragile which has spilled over into the financial markets which are in turmoil.  Sterling is very weak, especially against the US Dollar which has pushed up the cost of all our imports by around 15% in the last six weeks and 25% since April.  Shipping prices are now lower than 2021, but still four times higher than 2020.  We don't feel that large price rises would be right for the market now, but there may be some price rises over the next few weeks.  More importantly, we have decided to hold off importing further stock until the situation improves.  So, once items are sold through, it may take some time for them to be replaced. We are holding good stock levels and hope that we can see this through with minimal disruption.


Order processing time

We have now caught up with all orders and processing times should be back to 1-2 days for UK orders and 3-4 days for European orders. 


Postage costs and minimum order values - UPDATE 25th October 2022

We have decided that the minimum order value increase will now be implemented in Spring 2023, the minimum order for carriage paid has risen to £650.00…. Our postage and packaging costs have risen significantly this year, but we haven't increased our prices for over 5 years.  From Monday 17th October we will re-instate our minimum order value to £400.00 with shipping at £10.00 for orders between £400.00 and £650.00.  For orders over £650.00 shipping will be free.  (UK mainland only.)  We may also sell some items by the carton / inner carton or trade pack and we will simplify our pricing structure by having a unit price and BULK price only.  We are doing this as we are looking to become as efficient as possible in our picking and packing.  In turn we hope to remain as competitive as possible.  We realise that this won’t suit all our customers, but we will have alternative arrangements for those that want to order in smaller quantities.  (Further details to follow.)  


Credit cards payments - American Express

We have just been informed that American Express have increased our already high fee further.  As a result, we have no option but to stop taking American Express.  Sunday 2nd October will be the last day that we will be able to take Amex.


Eddy Eliaz, MD


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