28th June 2016:  New items.... NOW LIVE!
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Due to the dramatic fall in the GBP / USD and with this likely to fall further moving forward, we have had no option but to implement an FX surcharge for all orders placed. This will be based on the below spot rates, fixed at 9:30 each weekday morning (weekend rates will use prior Friday's rate).


$1.40 or above - No surcharge

$1.35 - $1.3999 - 5%

$1.30 - $1.3499 - 7.50%

$1.25 - $1.2999 - 10%

$1.20 - $1.2499 - 15%


We are implementing this at checkout and this will show within your online basket from next week. In the meantime, this will manually be added to every order. Hopefully, after a period of volatility, things will stabilise, but until then, this will apply.