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10th April 2021


Shipping remains very challenging now and despite having a lot of stock to ship out, we are struggling to get these shipped, even with the very high shipping prices in place.  However, we did manage to get around 15 containers shipped out last month and these will begin to arrive into the UK soon.  We hope to have the next web update on Friday 23rd April.  Items should include.


  • Pop-up cradles
  • XPR Slings
  • 20mm Throwing sticks
  • Loaded floats (box of 200)
  • All six pack hair rigs
  • Hooks to nylon
  • 4pc soft grip needle sets
  • Bivvy pegs
  • Max40 and Max60 reels
  • Storm poles
  • Profiler indicators
  • Black / green seat boxes
  • Seat box canvas
  • Profiler margin stalker rods
  • Profiler 4pc carp travel rods
  • Drop shop rod and reel sets
  • Generation combo rod and reels


Following this we hope for another web update the following week which should include.


  • Dynamic bite alarm sets
  • Dynamic light system (for the above)
  • XPR cree headlights
  • Slider pods
  • Mini snag bars
  • 50" Green brolly
  • Day scales
  • Match-02 float set


This will be followed by another web update which will include bank sticks, (stainless and aluminium) buzz bars, all needle sets, all bite alarms, most rods including all Max rods and all net handles.  This will then be followed by further stock which should mean a good flow of products coming in.  (I will update on this closer to the time.)


BREAKING NEWS!!!  Sporting Wholesale now has a Facebook page!  I will personally be running this and hope as many of our customers as possible will follow us.  This will be used to highlight new products, special offers and promotions, clearances and trade issues.  Please click on the link below and then click the 'follow' button.


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Wishing everyone a great weekend


Many thanks -


Eddy Eliaz, MD