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13th July 2018


We were expecting 8 containers this week, but port congestion has made this impossible.  We have therefore decided to forgo todays web update until next Friday at 6:00pm.  We are very sorry about this, but next week’s update will be the biggest this year!  We will have top ups of many in stock items and the below back in stock and new items; 


New products:

  • NEW - Profiler bed chair with 5 season sleeping bag
  • NEW - Digital Quickfish scales
  • NEW - Fortress II with HOOD!
  • NEW - Dynamic Brolly shelter system
  • NEW - Camo fabric rolls
  • NEW - Tip and butt protectors in camouflage
  • NEW - Rod holdall in camouflage (618)
  • NEW - 6 Pack hair rigs (all sizes)
  • Ground bait - New packaging and new flavour
  • NEW - Karambit 'spider' knife

Back in stock:

  • Cross pod
  • Bivvy (004)
  • Reel case (282)
  • All bed chair bags
  • Dynamic trolley
  • Stoves
  • Selfie tripods
  • Gun bag in camouflage (243)
  • Cartridge bag in green (014)
  • Lock knife 083
  • Machete (157)
  • Fixed blade knife 892
  • Throwing knife 896
  • Knife set (200)
  • Axe (121)


BREAKING NEWS:  Our new 2018/19 catalogue is now (finally) with us!!!  Walk in customers can collect this now and will be available on line next week to be ordered with all web orders.


I wish everyone a great weekend.


 - The Sporting Wholesale Team


New Sporting Wholesale Ltd trade catalogue: After years of being asked for a trade catalogue, we have now decided to produce this.  This will  include NGT, AP and Anglo Arms products.  Trade prices will be shown next to each item for anyone that prefers ordering off line.  Available from 1st October 2018 to cover 2018/19.


New NGT consumer web site coming soon: This is now live.  Please give us your comments!




We have decided to forgo all trade shows for 2018/19.  We have had another excellent year and want to focus on our existing customers rather than look for additional new business.  We hope to rebook a number of trade shows from 2020 onwards and will keep everyone posted about these.


-the Sporting Wholesale team