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6th August 2019


As we are currently behind in sending out orders and with so many containers incoming, the next web update has now been delayed until Friday 9th August at 7:00pm.  As per our email last week, we will be raising prices by 5-7% as a result of Sterling's weakness and we hope this will also be in place by Friday.


Friday's container will include knives, (new and back in stock products) archery / crossbow products, Beanie mats, Rig wallets 900 and 920, Chod box 950, Nets and a limited range of Lineaeffe reels. 


- The Sporting Wholesale Team


Price Increases:  With the Pound now on the slide again, prices are starting to increase.  We hope this is only temporary.   As of Monday 9th August, all prices will be increasing by 5-7%.


Twynersh Fishing Complex:  Sporting Wholesale Ltd are pleased to announce that we have acquired Twynersh Fishing Complex in Surrey.  This stunning site is set across 44 acres and contains 8 lakes and the river Bourne.  Twynersh is home to some cracking fish including 'Nina' at 46lb and countless 30lb carp too!  We plan on making a significant investment into the complex over the coming months and will keep everyone posted.  For any of our (angling) customers that would like to give any of the lakes a go, just email


New NGT consumer web site: This is now live.  Please give us your comments!  (This is not a selling site.)


Trade shows: We have decided to forgo all trade shows for 2019.  We have had another excellent year and want to focus on our existing customers rather than look for additional new business.  We hope to re-book a number of trade shows from 2020 onwards and will keep everyone posted about these.


-the Sporting Wholesale team