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9th February 2019 has just been update with many back in stock and new products.  The next update will be next week, but the date will be confirmed soon as our container delivery has yet to be confirmed.  This will include TZ reels, Dynamic 4000 and 6000 reels, NEW EXP 60 reel, Dynamic 3pc w/less bite alarm sets and light, large and small Bivvy lights - Now with red light added, NEW 1.1L kettles, Compact stoves, Classic pods and aluminium carbon colour and camo bank sticks and buzz bars.  On the Anglo Arms side we will have a new GOT letter opener set and NEW zombie head statue.


- The Sporting Wholesale Team


Price Increases:  We have now gone through and looked at all our pricing.  There have been a few changes, but nothing too drastic.  In fact, quite a few prices did actually fall.  Unless there are unforeseen circumstances (such as a large fall in the value of Sterling) we hope to hold all the current prices for the duration of 2019.  Please note that we have added RRP's and MSP's to all NGT products.


Bulk Pricing:  We have recently been asked to reduce some of the qtys needed to achieve BULK pricing.  We have looked at this and agreed that on too many items, the qty needed to achieve BULK pricing was too high.  We have now reduced this and hope this makes accessing better pricing easier!  (E.g. BULK on some stainless steel bank sticks was 150pc.  They are now all 20pc.)


Twynersh Fishing Complex:  Sporting Wholesale Ltd are pleased to announce that we have acquired Twynersh Fishing Complex in Surrey.  This stunning site is set across 44 acres and contains 8 lakes and the river Bourne.  Twynersh is home to some cracking fish including 'Nina' at 46lb and countless 30lb carp too!  We plan on making a significant investment into the complex over the coming months and will keep everyone posted.  For any of our (angling) customers that would like to give any of the lakes a go, just email


NGT 2018/19 Catalogue:  Our new 171-page catalogue is now available to order.

New Sporting Wholesale Ltd trade catalogue: After years of being asked for a trade catalogue, we have now decided to produce this.  This will  include NGT, AP and Anglo Arms products.  Trade prices will be shown next to each item for anyone that prefers ordering off line.  Available before the end of January 2019.


New NGT consumer web site: This is now live.  Please give us your comments!  (This is not a selling site.)


Trade shows: We have decided to forgo all trade shows for 2018/19.  We have had another excellent year and want to focus on our existing customers rather than look for additional new business.  We hope to re-book a number of trade shows from 2020 onwards and will keep everyone posted about these.


-the Sporting Wholesale team